Home Ownership
Made Easier.

Pay your rent. Buy your home.
No deposit needed.

Help to Own lets you rent a quality new-build home for the long-term. As you make your monthly payments you build up a Loyalty Premium, which you can take as cash if you leave the scheme within 20 years. On your 25th anniversary you can buy your home for £1.

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Your home.

Rent a quality new-build home that you’re free to decorate and live in long-term, with responsibility for maintaining it like a homeowner would.

Your deposit.

As you pay your rent every month you’ll build up a Loyalty Premium, which you can use towards buying your home.

Your choice.

Leave at any time and take the Loyalty Premium as cash. Stay in the scheme and you’ll have options to buy your home, or move to another Help to Own property.

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Who’s it for?
Help to Own is for anyone that is struggling to get on the property ladder.

If you don’t already own a home and can pass suitable credit and affordability checks, and have a permanent residency status for the UK, then you’re eligible for Help to Own.

Whether you’re an individual, a couple, or family, Help to Own can help you build a cash deposit whilst living in a beautiful, high-quality new build home.

Already started saving? Great! As long your savings don’t exceed 10% of the value of the property you want to rent you’re eligible for a Help to Own Property.

* For illustrative purposes only. Each application is taken on a case-by-case basis and your personal affordability may differ from this calculator.

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How it works?
Find a home.

Find your perfect home on one of our beautiful new-build developments and enter into a 20 year tenancy agreement. Decorate the home to make it feel like yours and maintain it like a homeowner would.

No deposit.

You don’t need a deposit to sign up. The only upfront costs are a £1,000 application fee, a solicitor fee to register the tenancy at the Land Registry and a small stamp duty payment dependent on your property of choice. View a breakdown of costs here.

Option to buy.

At the end of 20 years, you’ll have with the option for a further tenancy of 5 years on payment of the balance in your Loyalty Premium. This allows you to buy your home at the end of the 5 years for the cost of £1.

Your choice.

You can leave at any time by giving 3 months’ notice. There are also options to move to another Help to Own property (subject to availability).

Loyalty Premium.
  • Your annual rent increase will never be more than RPI or 1.75% (whichever is higher), and the majority of that increase goes into your Loyalty Premium. You can take the Loyalty Premium as cash if you decide to leave the scheme within the 20 year tenancy.
  • If you’re still in the scheme at the end of your 20 year tenancy then you can use your Loyalty Premium (assuming there are no deductions) to take a tenancy for a further 5 years.
  • At the end of the 5 year tenancy, provided you have paid your rent throughout the 25 years and kept to the terms of the option agreement, you have the option to buy your home for £1.

Pay your rent. Buy your home. No deposit needed.

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Need more information?

Download our Help to Own brochure for more details on the scheme and Loyalty Premium.

*NOTE: The Help to Own scheme is in development and the information provided on this website is subject to change.

To be part of the Help to Own scheme tenants are responsible for keeping to the terms of their tenancy agreements and option agreement. Copies of all agreements will be provided prior to payment of your application fee and you should take legal advice at your own cost before signing.

You as the tenant are responsible for the maintenance of your Help to Own Home for the first 20 years; if you don’t do this we will carry out the repairs and you will have to pay us back; checks will be carried out regularly.

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